You can upload and install an MSI (Windows installer package) on enrolled Windows 10 devices.

NOTE — This requires use of a command-line utility to preprocess the MSI file to include necessary information for the installation. You can download that utility (Windows only) from this link:

Next, open a command prompt and navigate to the location where you downloaded the utility. Use the following example command line to create the package (.lsmdm file):

LsMSI.exe “C:\full\path\to\LMA_Setupx64.msi”

You will then upload the output file to Mobile Manager as follows:

On the Install App page, choose Upload from the first dropdown list, then select Windows 10 MSI from the second dropdown list.

Click Choose File to select an MSI file on your computer to push to Windows 10 devices.

In the text field, enter any necessary command line parameters for the installer. The example in the following illustration installs the 64-bit version of the Lightspeed Management Agent, with Classroom Orchestrator and Mobile Manager components selected via command line.

Click Upload MSI.

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