If your district uses Windows Azure AD Premium, you can automatically enroll Windows devices to Mobile Manager.

System Requirements

  • Windows 10 Professional or higher for enrolled devices.
  • Azure AD Premium subscription.

Step 1: Add the Lightspeed Mobile Manager app to Azure AD

Follow these steps to add the Lightspeed Mobile Manager app to Azure AD:

  • Log in to Mobile Manager and click Reports from the main navigation menu. Then click Devices from the Reports sub-menu.

NOTE — If your Mobile Manager instance is integrated with Relay, navigate to this page by clicking Reports > Device Management.

  • Click the Enroll Device button.
  • Copy the Windows 8.1+ URL (below Individual Enrollment).

Log in to the Microsoft Azure portal and click Azure Active Directory from the main navigation menu.

Click Mobility (MDM and MAM) from the Manage sub-menu, then select Add application.

Select the Lightspeed Mobile Manager app, then click the Add button.

Click the “X” button in the top-right corner of the Add an application window to return to the Mobility page.

Click on Lightspeed Mobile Manager from the list of apps on the Mobility page. The app’s Configure portal opens.

Paste the Windows 8.1+ URL (copied in the steps above) into the MDM discovery URL field. Click Save to apply the change.

Step 2: Enroll Devices

a. Auto enrollment via OOBE

During the initial Windows 10 setup, you’ll be prompted to connect to the Internet, and enter work or school account information for the device. Enter the email address and password for a domain user when prompted.

This action automatically enrolls the device in your Azure domain and Mobile Manager.

b. Manual enrollment

If the Windows 10 device has already been set up, you’ll need to join the Azure AD domain manually.

  •  Log into the device as an administrator, then click the Start button.
  • On the Start menu, choose Settings.
  • On the Settings page, click System.
  • On the System page, click About, then click Join Azure AD.
  • This action opens a wizard that collects information that connects the device to your Azure AD domain. Click Next to advance to the “Let’s get you signed in” page.
  • Enter the email address and password for a user in your domain who is in the AD group that will be using the device, then click Sign in.
  • On the Terms of Use page, click Accept to continue.
  • The next page of the wizard prompts you to verify your information.
  • Click Join to complete the signup, then click Finish to dismiss the wizard. Observe that your organization is now visible on the About page.

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