There are a couple of options when it comes to removing apps from groups.


Uninstall will delete the app from the group in Mobile Manager, we will also generate an Uninstall command and remove it from devices at this level and below where the app is Managed.

If the device or assigned user inherits the app from another group in the hierarchy, the app will remain installed. If the app is installed on the device but shown as User Installed, it will remain installed as MDMs only have control over Managed apps - consider using Force App Management first or locally delete the app if User or System Installed.


Unassign will delete the app from the group in Mobile Manager only, devices will not be disturbed.

Note: The Uninstall or Unassign jobs will not revoke app licenses.


How do I remove an app?

In groups

Navigate to the level where apps are installed. The Apps tab can be found in Home, School or Group > Device Management > Apps.

Tick the checkbox next to the app name (or tick the checkbox of the top of the list to select all):

Once an app is selected, click the down-arrow to show additional options.

Select either Uninstall or Unassign (ensure you select the correct option, detailed at the top of this article).


To remove a specific app from a device, click on the Device > Apps > Installed.

Select the Remove button which will appear next to any Managed Apps.


Uninstalling apps at the Home level

The tick boxe method to Uninstall apps at the Home level is disabled.

You'll see this message if you try:

Instead of using the tick boxes, click on an app and press the Uninstall button.


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