Getting Started:

Getting Started: Mobile Manager Prerequisites
Getting Started: iOS Deployment Guide
Getting Started: Localization Settings
Getting Started: How Does the Hierarchy Work?
Getting Started: Device Dashboard
Getting Started: Migrating to Mobile Manager from another MDM – iOS
Getting Started: Mobile Manager Password Help


Guide: End of Year Best Practices (iOS)
Guide: What is Supervision?

Device Enrolment Program:

DEP: How to setup Device enrolment Program
DEP: Device Enrollment Program (DEP) FAQ
DEP: How to update Apple DEP server credentials
DEP: Supervising Host Certificates
DEP: Automated Enrollment
DEP: Using the same DEP credentials in different levels
DEP: Configuring a Default DEP Profile


Apple School Manager:

ASM: Apple School Manager Setup & Sync
ASM: Upgrading to Apple School Manager (ASM) Apps and Books

User and Group Management:

User Management: How do I create users?
User Management: Enrollment PIN
Group Management: How do I create Groups?
Group Management: Groups and SIS IDs
Group Management: Deleting Groups
Group Management: Smart Groups
Group Management: Bulk remove User Memberships
Group Management: How Do I Add Users to Groups?
SIS Integration With Global Grid For Learning (GG4L)
Lightspeed Dashboard: Scheduled Import
CSV: Mobile Manager Imports
CSV: Add Users to This Group By SIS ID
CSV: Add a SIS ID to Users by Username
CSV: Connect Users to Devices by SIS ID and S/N

Device Management:

Device Management: How Do I Enroll a Device?
Device Management: iOS & macOS URL Enrollment
Device Management: Enrolling a Windows 10 Device
Device Management: Enrolling via Azure AD Domain Join
Device Management: Enrolling Devices with Apple Configurator 2.5+
Device Management: Supervising and Enrolling a Device Using Apple Configurator 1
Device Management: How do I Assign Users to Devices?
Device Management: How to Update iOS and macOS through Mobile Manager
Device Management: How Do I Clear or Reset Passcodes?
Device Management: Using Lost Mode with iOS Devices
Device Management: How do I manage Activation Lock on iOS 7+ devices?
Device Management: Device Geolocation (Windows 10+)
Device Management: Updating a Windows 10 Product Key
Device Management: Shared iPad
Device Management: Apple Classroom
CSV: Add or Remove Devices from Groups
CSV: Mass Update Supervised iOS 8+ Device Names
CSV: Mass Update Device Asset Tags
CSV: Decommission Devices by Serial Number
CSV: Bulk Wiping Devices by Serial Number


Apps & Books:

App Management: Introduction
Managed Distribution: Setup
Managed Distribution: Device Assignment
Managed Distribution: User Assignment
Managed Distribution: Installing Apps
Installing Books onto iOS and macOS devices
Managed Distribution: Invite For User Assignment
Managed Distribution: How to Update a Service Token
Managed Distribution: How can I silently install apps?
Managed Distribution: FAQ
Managed Distribution: How do I revoke app licenses?
App Management: Store Apps
App Management: Uploading Apps
App Management: Updating Apps
App Management: Removing Apps
App Management: Reinstalling apps
App Management: Self Service Portal (SSP)
App Management: Installing specific apps or books on devices
App Management: How to deploy apps to Windows devices
App Management: Installing Windows 10 Apps from MBSP
App Management: Installing apps on Windows 10 devices
App Management: How to Push Windows Executables to Devices
Deploying Windows 8.1 apps


Policies: Policy Management
Policies: Basic Restrictions
Policies: Policy Variables
Policies: DNS Proxy
Policies: OS X
Policies: OS X Single App Mode
Policies: Setup Assistant
Policies: Windows Defender
Policies: Windows Update
Policies: Passcode
Policies: Wi-Fi
Policies: Mail
Policies: Exchange ActiveSync
Policies: Google Accounts
Policies: LDAP
Policies: Calendar
Policies: Contacts
Policies: Shared Documents
Policies: Subscribed Calendars
Policies: Wallpaper
Policies: Web Shortcuts
Policies: Global Proxy
Policies: App Lock
Policies: App Permissions
Policies: App Configuration
Policies: Timed Policies
Policies: APN/Cellular
Policies: AirPlay
Policies: AirPlay Security
Policies: AirPrint
Policies: Single Sign On
Policies: Web Content Filter
Policies: Email Domains
Policies: Web Domains
Policies: VPN
Policies: Font
Policies: Notifications
Policies: Conference Room Display
Policies: Lock Screen Message
Policies: SCEP
Policies: Certificates
Policies: System Rule
Policies: System Managed
Policies: System Control
Policies: How to Configure On-Campus Mobile Manager Policies
Policies: Use an internal proxy as a global proxy
Policies: Autonomous Single App Mode



Reports: Overview
Reports: Group Details
Reports: Activities
Reports: App Updates
Reports: All Apps Report
Reports: All Books
Reports: Policy search
Reports: Devices
Reports: Site Notifications
Reports: Managed Distribution
Reports: Microsoft BSP
Reports: Removed Profile
Reports: Windows Defender Report



Settings: Mobile Manager Owner Settings
Settings: School & Group admin General Settings
Settings: Enrollment Settings
Settings: Wallpaper Management
Settings: Certificate Management
Settings: URL Management
Settings: Filter Config Management
Settings: Icon Management
Settings: App Config Management
Settings: Font Management
Settings: Admin Tools
Settings: Restriction Override
Settings: IOS Screen Layout


Troubleshooting: Policy Search
Troubleshooting: Why Can Users Can Remove the MDM Profile?
Troubleshooting: Why am I getting prompted to turn on automatic downloads on my iOS device?
Troubleshooting: How to Remove Restrictions for a Single Device
Troubleshooting: Why Can’t I Push in-app Purchases Through Mobile Manager?
Troubleshooting: Incorrect iTunes account on device
Troubleshooting: The App Store Has Disappeared From My Devices
Troubleshooting: My VPP Purchases are not available to deploy
Troubleshooting: My iPad Time Zone Keeps Changing, Even After I Set it
Troubleshooting: How to Stop Users from Downloading Apps and Games on IOS Devices?
Troubleshooting: Error - “The Apple license manifest query completed successfully but no assets were returned!”
Troubleshooting: APNs Token Problems
Troubleshooting: My IOS Apps Are Not Updating
Troubleshooting: Pre-Installed Apple Apps Ask For Apple ID When Launched
Troubleshooting: SCEP Server Returned an Invalid Response On A Device Enrolled in DEP
Troubleshooting: Reports Display Incorrect Time
Troubleshooting: How To View An iOS Console Log
Troubleshooting: iOS Device(s) Not in Communication
Troubleshooting: Performing a Device Firmware Update (DFU)
Troubleshooting: Gathering the Unique Device Identifier (UDID)

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