How do I install books?

Navigate to the level where you wish to install a book. The Book tab can be found in Home, School or Group > Device Management > Books.

Click on the Install Book button:

Which will open the Install Book modal:

There are three methods you can select from the drop-menu.


You can upload books in these formats:

  • pdf
  • epub
  • iBook

Note: There is a 700MB upload limit

Fill out desired metadata, there is also an option to upload an icon for the book.

Then click Choose file, locate your book then press Install.



Enter a Title, Author and the URL to the book, press Install.

Managed Distribution

Before installing Managed Distribution books, you should have already purchased the content in Apple School Manager and assigned it to the correct location.

If you have not already set this up please see:

Note: Apple does not support Device Assignment for VPP iBooks.

You will need to use Managed Distribution User Assignment.

Managed Distribution Book licenses will be automatically assigned to users when there are devices assigned to users.

Books will not install until the user has completed the Managed Distribution Invite process and is correctly Associated to your Service.

1. Select your Service from the drop-menu.

2. A list of books assigned to your Managed Distribution Service are then listed:

Tick the checkboxes next to books you wish to install, then press the Install Selected Books button.

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