Choosing the right user and group source is important in order to use the Relay Platform effectively. For Relay filter customers, we recommend the following sources for your users and groups sync: If you are a Google district, use G Suite. If you are a Microsoft district, use the Relay Directory Sync Tool for AD. If your students use a combination of both, read this first.

For Relay Classroom and/or Mobile Manager, you may want to consider doing an Advanced Sync.

If you need help deciding which sync is best for your district, click here.

For districts using Clever, connecting with Lightspeed Systems apps is the most practical and advantageous way to promote adoption of the classroom tools in Relay, Mobile Manager, and Classroom.

License Enhanced SIS Integration Services

For districts using compatible Student Information Systems, Lightspeed Systems offers for purchase Enhanced SIS Integration Services that include working with Clever. Here’s what’s in it for you:

  • “Hands-off” integration–eliminating the need to generate CSV files from your SIS
  • Multiple syncs throughout the day, rather than the single daily sync for CSV imports
  • Clever offers your students and staff a single-sign on portal with access to all their apps

Though the process may vary based on your student information system, working with your SIS administrator and Clever, we’ll get the process just right.

Before You Begin

Here’s what you’ll need to make your Clever SIS integration successful:

  • Both student and staff need to have the directory services username identified and located in the SIS (for example, this could be student/staff email addresses, if they match the directory services username).
    Note: Usernames are required for Mobile Manager, and we will not be able to move forward without them.
  • Your course sections need to have well-defined descriptions. These descriptions are used to name your new Mobile Manager group objects.
  • You will need to create an administration level view-only account for the SIS import to work.
  • You will need to know your SIS external (public-facing) URL or IP address.

Sign Up for Enhanced SIS Integration Services

To start, contact your Lightspeed Systems sales rep to discuss licensing and integration options. To help expedite your request, please have the following information ready:

  • Provide the SIS data fields that store your unique student and staff directory services UserName in your SIS database.
  • Indicate if you currently use another type of SIS integration with Lightspeed products and if you have already added your students, staff, and groups.

Once our SIS integration team receives your license information, they will start working on your integration process and contact you if they have any questions. Once Clever is syncing with your SIS, Lightspeed Systems staff will be notified to populate your new data and your SIS data integration will start.
Important: Clever may email you with instructions, requests for information, and so forth that require you to follow-up with them. Please note failure to do so will likely prevent Clever and Lightspeed Systems from completing your SIS integration.

Clever and Security

Click here to learn how Clever protects and secures student information. And click the following links for more detailed information.

Sign up with Clever

Once licensed for Enhanced SIS Integration Services, you can sign up with Clever. In addition to your contact information, all you’ll need is the name of your student information type (e.g., PowerSchool, Infinite Campus, Harmony, Aeries, etc.). Clever’s implementation team will work with you to move forward. You can expect their onboarding process to be completed within a few days.

Request access to Lightspeed app

Once your school or district’s data is shared with Clever, it’s time to make the connection to your licensed Lightspeed Systems product(s). This Clever Help article explains how you can add new online learning tools directly from your Clever Dashboard.

Define Clever integration in the Relay Platform

From within Clever, once you have requested access to your licensed Lightspeed Systems product(s), Lightspeed tech support will double check your licensing and approve the request. The final step is to add your district’s Clever information in the Relay platform. Under Settings > User & Group Management > Admin Tools, and click Launch. You are encouraged to work with Lightspeed support to complete Clever integration as described below. At Your SIS Integration, select Clever. Enter your Clever API ID. The API ID can be accessed by Lightspeed support staff through our Clever portal.

  • API ID is your district’s unique Clever ID found inside Clever.
  • Toggle on any of the data you want to sync with your Lightspeed Systems product(s). Groups are typically classroom groups but can also include other types of groups in your SIS.Then use the drop-down menus to map your SIS fields to the required Lightspeed Systems fields.
  • Usernames: If you’re uncertain what to select, contact Lightspeed support to weigh your options.
  • SIS IDs: These must be unique for each of your users. So be certain there are no duplicates within your district. For example, if selecting sis_id, we know PowerSchool frequently will use the same SIS ID for both a student and a teacher. That would have to be rectified in your SIS.
  • Click Save and the data sync will begin immediately! 
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