Safety Check settings give Relay Administrators the ability to manage the type of incidents Safety Check will report on, set a schedule for receiving notifications, and add additional users to receive notifications.

To review or update your Safety Check settings, navigate to Settings > Safety Check.

Software Configuration

Safety Check is currently available for Chrome only. Windows and Mac agents will be available in future product releases and are currently in private beta. You may request access to the private beta by contacting your sales representative.

Incident Reporting

The Incident Reporting section allows administrators to select the types of incidents they would like to report on.


The Schedule section allows administrators to set a schedule of the hours during which Safety Check will create cases and alerts.

Admin Roles

Designate Administrators in Relay

District Owners can provide other Admin Roles with access to the Safety Check report. From the main navigation menu, navigate to the Settings > Admin Roles page and select a role from the list of Admin Roles.

Navigate to the Safety Check drop-menu (below Dashboard and Reports).

Make your selection:

Not Shown - This admin will not receive Safety Check email notifications.

Shown - This admin will have a read-only view of Safety Check cases and will receive email notifications. This admin cannot assign cases to others.

Modify - This admin will have the ability to assign Safety Check cases to others and receive email notifications.

Select your admin preference from the choices above, and click Save to apply the change.

Click here to learn more about Admin Roles.

Click here to learn more about Getting Started with Safety Check.

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