If you’ve deployed an app through Mobile Manager and it isn’t showing up, here are some things you can try:

Note: Some apps can be removed from the app store based on increasing apple functionality, such as Geolocation apps with the introduction of lost phone mode. Always check the latest Apple release notes to ensure the app is still approved on the iTunes store.

First, navigate to Apps within the Mobile Manager interface and click on the name of the app in question.

Click Advanced to see the app options menu.

Potential solutions include:

  • Make sure you have enough VPP licenses available (for app and in Group)
  • Try reinstalling the app.
  • Click on Unassign to unassign it, and then install the app again by clicking Install App.
  • Make sure there is room on the device for the app (if it’s only an issue with one or a few devices).
  • Make sure app is still available in the App Store (if it’s only an issue with one or a few apps).
  • Make sure you’ve uploaded the VPP code spreadsheet.
  • Make sure you don’t have the app assigned to both the user and the device.
  • Check your VPP token to make sure it isn’t revoked or deactivated.
  • Check the iOS version of the device and make sure the app supports it.
  • Make sure your VPP/Managed Distribution account isn’t associated with another program (like your prior MDM).
  • If you’re looking in Mobile Manager rather than at the device itself, it could be that the device is locked or off wi-fi. If that’s the case, the device won’t be able to receive apps until it is connected and checks in.
  • Patience – sometimes it takes a while, especially if you’re deploying a lot of apps or if there’s an issue on your network.

TIP — When you’re troubleshooting, “last info update” and “last check in” should match if the device and Mobile Manager are communicating.

NOTE The Apple Classroom app will not appear on the student devices however the configuration will be sent to the device.

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