Note: Store apps will ask for an Apple ID passcode before they will install on devices. Managed Distribution Device Assignment is preferred for silent iOS app deployments:


How do I install Store apps?

Navigate to the level where you would like to install apps. The Apps tab can be found in Home, School or Group level > Device Management > Apps.

Click the Install button to open the Install Apps page:

Select the Store tab.

Choose a device type from the drop-menu (iOS – iPhone or iPad) and enter the app name or keyword in the search field. A list of search results displays.

Select the checkbox next to the name of the app you need to deploy.

Click the Deploy… button. 

The Deploy Store Apps modal will open:

Choose one of the following options, then click Deploy Now:

App Store

Devices will display an “App Installation” notice that the device user must accept before the installation can proceed.

Managed Distribution

Select a VPP Service from the drop menu.

Note: If you select Managed Distribution from the Deploy Store Apps modal, the app will be added as Managed Distribution to the group rather than a Store app. If there are no Managed Distribution licenses for the app against the selected VPP service, the app will not deploy and will instead act as a placeholder waiting for licenses to be purchased in Apple School Manager.


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