Before the beginning of a new school year, it is recommended that administrators wipe, update, and re-enroll all devices using Mobile Manager.

Wiping & Re-Enrolling DEP Devices:

You can bulk wipe your DEP devices at any level of your organization by navigating to Settings > Enrollment > Bulk Wipe DEP Devices in the Mobile Manager interface.

Re-enrolling DEP Apple devices is easy, and Mobile Manager has a few settings to further help streamline the process. Wiping a device will force it to go through the enrollment process during setup.

What if my students still have their devices?

No problem! Mobile Manager has two options for automatically associating devices with their users:

  • Enabling Settings > General > Automatically Associate DEP Device with User will force non-shared DEP devices to be automatically associated with their previous user after being wiped and re-enrolled.
  • Enabling Settings > Enrollment > Require User Authentication will require the user to login during the enrollment process and automatically associate the device with them. There are three login options: 1) School email and password, 2) School email and Enrollment PIN, or 3) School email and SIS ID.

In addition, you can make sure devices are added back into any associated groups by enabled Settings > General > Remember Groups when DEP Device Re-Enrolls.

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